José Bernabé

José Bernabé is a typography artists, designer & illustrator currently based in the city of Amsterdam. His main focus is on custom typography, lettering and illustration. After finishing his studies of design and illustration, José has worked at some of the most renamed advertising agencies and is running his own studio in Amsterdam. Always in continuous exploration achieving visual solutions for commercial and artistic projects. His work is very flexible in styles depending of the communication to deliver, using a mix of typography, illustration, into digital and traditional techniques.

José has made artwork for clients like Nike, Adobe, Nickelodeon, SteelSeries, Gategroup, Hither & Yon, Citroën, Post NL, Nutricia, Peugeot, Dalí Speakers. among others.His work has been published on: Abduzeedo, Inspiration Now, Adobe, Fahrenheit Magazine, Design Taxi, Fubiz, Index Books, Betype, Photoshop Creative Magazine, TrendHunter, Graffica, among others.

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