Production & Art Buying

Hi! My name is Ilse Carpay and besides being the owner of Salon d’Autonome I’m also an experienced creative producer and art buyer with a demonstrated history in producing TV-commercials, photoshoots, and content for social media. Consultant for creative directors and clients for art buying and creative production.

I’m consistently professional, always managing all productions with dedication and a highly results-oriented focus. I’m able to bring any project, however complex, to a good end. I have successfully produced all kind of productions at agencies and for clients that have resulted in high-level creative output combined with increased revenue. I take the leadership role in advising creatives and clients on how to obtain the best creative output most cost-effectively, inspiring all to come to better and more satisfying results. Below you will find an overview of TVC, Video and Photography productions I did through the years working as an agency producer (freelance and on contract), as well as some productions from the time I was a co-owner of a photographer’s agency. 

Skills: Creative Production (TVC/Photography/Video/Print/Digital/Social), Art Buying, Casting, Production Management, Budget Control, Concept Development, Project Management, Executing campaigns across multiple platforms, Proactive, Hands-on. 

Languages fluent level: Dutch, English, Spanish.
Languages conversation level: French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan.

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TVC / Video / Animation productions

Photography productions