Salon d’Autonome is an artist representation agency based in Amsterdam.
We represent outstanding and award-winning artists in several disciplines:

Illustration, Animation, Graphic Design, Typography, Motion and Art Direction. 

We create concepts. We offer production and art buying.

Silicone Pie by Martín Satí. 30 seconds of fame. Contemporary portrait about the culture of success.

New at the Salon d’Autonome!

Very happy to announce that typography artist José Bernabé has joined our agency.

La première fois

Teaser official opening Gallery Le Salon.
Concept/Art Direction/Lettering: MOKUM
Concept: Ilse Sabine Carpay
Graphic Design: Regina Geerts
Animation: Andrea Gendusa

H10 Hotels | Madrid Map

Map design by Zamenhof Studio to discover Madrid in a weekend for H10 HOTELS.


Instagram campaign introducing the new Nike Hypervenom
Starring: Christian Benteke, Crystal Palace (UK)
Client: Nike Northern Europe
Art Direction: CranioDsgn, Andrea Gendusa
Illustration: CranioDsgn
Animation: Andrea Gendusa, Victor Pérez
Sound Design: Nick Smith _ Stainless Sound
Production: Ilse Sabine Carpay

Women #01

made by Regina Geerts

TCHAI and the Power of Tchi

A manga animation telling the story of a Chinese family business.
Client: TCHAI - Kim Tchai
Concept: MOKUM
Copy & Art Direction: MOKUM
Illustration/Animation: Hiromi Haneda
Animation: Billy Lupker
Music, Sound Design, SFX: Nick Smith _ Stainless Sound
Production: Ilse Sabine Carpay

Skate Series #01

Made by CranioDsgn


by Martin Satí


Animation: The Others


by Puño


A new corporate and brand identity.
Client: TCHAI - Kim Tchai
Vision/Strategy: MOKUM
Concept & Art Direction: MOKUM
Design: Martín Satí

New at the Salon d’Autonome!

Very happy to announce that director / d.o.p. Frits de Beer has joined our agency!


Made by Keren Rosen

A tribute to Leonard Cohen

Animation: Andrea Gendusa
together with Victor Pérez and Oscar Perez Girones

New York Times Magazine

Illustration by Brosmind


Old Skater

by Jaume Osman Granda

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